• Gautam Nath, MBA, RHB.

    - Captain of Blue Oceans

    Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award 2011

    - June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism 2017

    - Canada’s Top 50 Diversity Professionals 2017



    Few good years in Corporate Multinational's like SC Johnson, Estee Lauder and Taylor Nelson Sofres has brought a wide perspective of running and managing large business enterprises. Awarded the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award 2011. Experienced marketing skills, brand building strategies and market research guru. Special focus on mentoring and finding the hot buttons for new Canadians. Come on in and read some more.

    Specialties: Brand and Category Marketing Management, Branding and Communications, Marketing Research, Change Management, Strategic Management Insights. Business Structuring, Vision and Direction, Corporate Mentoring, International Trade, Growth Strategies.



    "Bringing passion to life"

    - Life's motto -



    Balmoral Multicultural Marketing

    Vice President - Strategy and Vice President - Research & Corporate Communications - Jan 2014 - 2018


    Provide leadership and strategic direction to take the organization into Blue Ocean territories.

    Balmoral Multicultural Marketing is Canada's oldest and one of the most reputed multicultural marketing and communications agencies.
    Balmoral has and continues to work with many corporate, government and not for profit sectors connecting their products and services to the growing population of multicultural consumers in Canada.

    Multicultural Marketing Solutions Canada


    March 2011 to December 2013


    Provide strategic consulting services to organizations in the Multicultural space in Canada.

    Environics Research Group

    Director - Cultural Markets 

    2009 - 2011


    Leadership role in building the multicultural marketing research unit. Over the years, this practice became a major revenue centre for the organization.


    TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres) Global

    Executive Director on the Board

    1995 – 2008



    Global leader in marketing insights, started as a Branch Director in 1995 and grew to be on the Board of Directors by 2001. Spearheaded initiatives such as Change Leadership, Corporate Communications, Business Growth, Human Resources and International Marketing.


    Estee Lauder & S C Johnson

    Various Marketing roles 

    Prior to 1995



    Managing various global brands across India and USSR. Cosmetics, home-care products and International trade.


    American Marketing Association Toronto Chapter

    Chair of the Multicultural Marketing Group (Volunteer)

    Sep 2011 – Present


    We offer special seminars for AMA members and guests to help educate on best practices in marketing to new Canadians. And have fun while learning.

    Multicultural Marketing Society of Canada

    Founder (Volunteer)

    Apr 2011 – Present


    Multiculturalism is fast becoming a topic of key interest to many corporates and agencies in Canada and one of the prime shapers of our future. This society helps to give a platform for stakeholders to contribute towards this critical development for a common good. If you have an interest in this topic do join up and add to our roster.

    Jobs in Canada

    Founder (Volunteer)

    Feb 2009 – Present


    We have crossed 36000 members. Each of us having come from different backgrounds are getting together to help each other find jobs in Canada's recession phase. Please join, invite two friends and help us in helping you. Do post your discussions as that shall keep you involved. The more you give, the more shall be returned to you. Please note that we are for those who have permission to work in Canada so if you do not have your immigration papers, please do not raise your hopes.

    York University

    Member on the Advisory Board (Volunteer)

    Feb 2011 – Present


    This position supports York University's International Educated Professionals Bridging Program.

    Multilingual Community Interpreter Services (MCIS)

    Chair - of the Board (Volunteer)

    Oct 2010 – Present


    Driving the organization with Marketing and Branding counsel.
    Developed the Social Benefits Index, the Strategic Marketing Plan, the Brand Audit and new vision, mission, values and positioning statements.
    Past chair of the marketing & operations committee.

    CAMP (Communications, Advertising & Marketing Professionals) Networking

    Member on the Advisory Board (Volunteer)

    Jan 2012 – Present


    CAMP is a networking forum for Internationally experienced Communications, Advertising and Marketing Professionals based in Toronto.

    Advisory role to the leadership and offer resources to members via my blog called G Talks.


    Member of the Advisory working Group for the PINS Initiative (Volunteer)

    2011 – Present


    Help the team develop the brand building strategy.

    United Way of Greater Toronto

    Marketing Support Panel Member (Volunteer)

    Oct 2010 – Present


    Support UWT evaluate agencies which we funded.